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“To be able of developing our job from any fucking place in the planet”  


Boxcreative is a digital strategic publicity agency 3.0 with 7 years of experience in the local market, with more than 250 fulfilled projects, being this one of the first digital agencies from the 5th region in Chile.

This agency is focused is the development of projects of any kind in the digital publicity area, going from the study, design and implementation of the actions for the development of a built-in digital strategic campaign between off line and on line.

Love to work

Senior Web Developer

Jose Luis Soto
Box Creative

Advertiser Duoc Uc
Underground Creative Academy, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cross Media Diploma, Academy Mac Gabriela Mistral University

Carlos Antonio Poloni Farias
Director Creativo


Mario Riquelme
Box creative


“We are a window to the digital world for enterprises and organizations who want to connect with the global Web” C.E.O Cp.

We develop Web pages in different tecnologies with the intention of helping our clients to be capable of self-manage, buy, sell, communicate, exchange, give, share, inform and socialize with people who share the same particular interests of each organization or enterprise.

The creation of a concept plus the integration of video, photograph, textures, typographies, colors, social networks, blogs, google services, data bases, loyalty actions, etc., will give power to each one of the web publicity campaigns that the page will communicate to the final customers, all this with the intention of creating relations between the users and the trademark.

“If the content is the King, the distribution is the Queen”

Steve Krug

We are in charge of designing the strategy of invigorate strategy that will get the interest and love between your social networks and blogs followers.

We communicate your project, trademark, product or service to whomever want to really take it over through different online studies, with emphasis in the results and optimization of your budget generating engagement with your potential customers.

Do you need a lifting? Call us !!

Chip Kidd

The first step in a great project is to create a recognizable image, versatile and easy to use in different platforms. Today the first step is digital.

BoxDesign is a transverse design department that will be capable of introducing your trademark in the different platforms whether you are on line or off line.

We look to participate in creative projects !!!

Albert Einstein

We already know for sure that the world is mobile. But being in that world isn’t that simple. We develop amazing mobile applications for the most used smart phones in the market.

We help you to conceptualize your apps by defining the contents and identifying the most interesting functions to implement with innovative designs that will help to potentiate your trademark image.

It is high impact reality.

Martin Parr

It is a direct or indirect vision of a physical environment from the real world which elements are combined with virtual elements for the creation of a mixed reality in the real time.

It consists in a group of devices that add virtual information to the physical information that already exist. This is the main difference with the virtual reality since it doesn’t replace the physical reality but overprint the cyber data into the real world.

Your subordinate are your first clients… do you get it?

With this service we will be in charge of promoting the trademark values, the corporative image and identity of a company between their own employees.
Our objective is to form a group of people that are proud of participating in a corporate project and for that reason we help the companies in the following way:
> Elaboration of an internal marketing plan.
> Elaboration of internal communication flow.
> Execution and control of the internal plan.
> Planning and organization of actions.

Carlos Poloni, as Creative director has participated in the development of these kind of actions for organizations such as PARIS, BANCO DE CHILE, ITAU, DLP. etc
If you have a major coherence between your internal and external image, it will be detectable by your clients and it will make your business more believable.

It is demonstrated that the video and the good stories increase the memory of a trademark in an exponential way.

We design and execute interactive spots, corporative videos, recording of events, audiovisual production, 2D and 3D animation for every organization that need the presence of the different digital forms in any place and moment through streaming.

We use all the available sources in relation to a software and we posses in each one of our pieces all the best in digital technology for communicate the concept of brand in the most simple and natural way to your potential customers and followers, and in this way, we can generate informs about the metric and impact over each one of these actions.

We develop systems as big as your Project!!

We develop innovative tecnologies that allow us to offer big solutions that last in time. Our solutions take as reference the “traditional model” of software developing (system analysis, requirements decisions, design, codification, tests and maintaining) to obtain quality and adjust solutions to our customers’ requirements.

“A place for your web page or e-mails”

BOXHOSTING is a provider of Web Hosting in Chile that offers you to keep your site in their services giving you a unique address (DNS) which will allow people around the world to visit your web site and interact due to the Hosting service.

The online reputation is a reflection of our prestige or care of a person or trademark in the internet.

Our service improves the positions or classification of any website in the Google searching systems (such as Yahoo, Bing and others.) It doesn’t require much time or money nor does the creation of new content or the construction of a bound like SEO traditionally does.

Another important difference is that meanwhile SEO requires months (maybe) in obtain good results, the service we offer normally achieve excellent results in just ten to fourteen days.

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